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Perfect Reborn

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Perfect Reborn

Smell is a concern in everyday life. I think that some odors can make you feel uncomfortable. Under such circumstances, "Perfect Reborn / Perfect Reborn" will provide total care for odors from the body. I developed it with the hope that it would be of some help to those who have been suffering from odors.

Frequently Asked Questions

It has passed the biopsy and the acute oral toxicity test using mice. (No. 197121667-002)

Q: When was it developed?

A: We developed the undiluted solution about 30 years ago. At that time, there was coverage from many media, and we have acquired a patent. (Patent No. 3897862)

Q: Is it safe for the elderly and children?

A: Various inspections are conducted by an external agency. Please enjoy with confidence regardless of age. *Please read the precautions before using.


Q: Do you have subscriptions?

A: Regular purchase is now possible due to customer feedback. In the case of regular purchase, it is 10% cheaper than the list price. In the case of regular purchase, it will be delivered every month, so it will not take your time.


Q: When should I drink?

A: Take 3 to 5 tablets daily.

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  • わきがわきがわきがわきがワキガワキガワキガワキガワキガ

    Beauty related (woman in her 30s)

    I usually take care of my health and odors. At work, I often serve customers, so I always take measures against odors. Among them, when I tried this Perfect Reborn, I felt like it didn't smell from the inside of my body, and I love it. It's like a supplement that deodorizes the odor from the body, so it was easy because I just took it. I took it for about 10 days and felt the effects.

    * These are personal impressions and do not guarantee the effectiveness of the ingredients.

  • においサプリにおいサプリにおいサプリにおいサプリにおいサプリ

    Salesperson (Male in his 30s)

    Since I work in sales, I talk to people every day. I don't carry around mouthwash after meals, so I use supplements regularly. I was skeptical when my friend introduced me to this supplement, but I'm glad I tried it. I used to chew it like gum. When I drink normally, I feel that it has changed from the smell of sweat. Now I don't care about the eyes around me, so I'm glad that I feel more comfortable.

    * These are personal impressions and do not guarantee the effectiveness of the ingredients.

  • ニオイケアニオイケアニオイケアニオイケアニオイケアニオイケアニオイケアニオイケアニオイケア

    Clerical work (woman in her 30s)

    I like spicy food and go there often. I used to eat gum that I could get at the store, but I didn't like it because it smelled like a mixture of gum and food. I took 1 tablet of this [Perfect Reborn] after every meal, and after 5 days, I felt the effect in the toilet. If you want to feel the effect immediately, chew it and roll it in your mouth. It doesn't matter now.

    * These are personal impressions and do not guarantee the effectiveness of the ingredients.

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