-------- Birth Secret Story -------

[How the Perfect Reborn was born]
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30 years ago, a product was born in an era without the internet. It was a letter from a family who was nursing 1 of them. The smell of stool was so bad that I couldn't stay in the same room for 10 minutes. Is there anything better? Dr. Ohno, a doctor of science, started development.

After being developed by Dr. Ohno of the University of Tokyo's Department of Pharmacy, the undiluted solution used in this product was created and patented.

In just 13 months, 800,000 units of products using this undiluted solution (products of other companies) became a big hit with word of mouth alone.

After that, we took over all the rights related to the manufacturing and sales of the concentrate and started manufacturing and selling it. This is [Perfect Reborn].

We would appreciate it if this product could be of help to those who have some concerns.


 [Decompose and Disappear]

There are many health foods with deodorizing effects, but most of them are masking type that deceives bad odors with other odors. Our undiluted solution uses a combination of green tea extract, plant-derived enzymes, vitamins, etc. to break down and eliminate various malodorous substances generated in the body through chemical changes. It is a "deodorant food" that is completely different from masking type products in terms of action and effect.


 [Why was it born?]

Our products were born from the voices of people who are suffering from odors. Originally, it was developed after a customer who had an artificial anus said that they were having trouble with the odor of their stools. After that, we repeated improvements, doubled the ingredients, and made improvements so that you could actually feel the effects. It is designed to care not only for feces, but also for peculiar human odors, armpits, menstrual odors, etc.


[Recommended way to drink]

Please take 3 to 5 tablets a day as a guide. We recommend that you continue to use it so that you can experience the relief of your worries.


Try Perfect Reborn

If you have a problem with odor, please try it first. If you don't worry, your daily life will be richer. It can be used not only for business but also for private use.

[For those who are concerned here]

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