Q: Ingredient Safety

A: For the main ingredient (Undiluted ), (Goods) We have cleared the detection of harmful substances, bacteriological examination, and acute oral toxicity tests using mice. (No. 197121667-002)


Q: When was it developed?

A: We developed the undiluted solution about 30 years ago. At that time, there was coverage from many media, and we have acquired a patent. (Patent No. 3897862)


Q: Is it okay for old people and children?

A: Various inspections are conducted by an external organization. Please enjoy with confidence regardless of age. *Please read the precautions before using.


Q: Do you have subscriptions?

A: Regular purchase is now possible due to customer feedback. In the case of regular purchase, it is 10% cheaper than the list price. In the case of regular purchase, it will be delivered every month, so it will not take your time.


Q: When should I take it?

A: Take 3 to 5 tablets a day as a guide.



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