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[Women in their 40s]

Deodorant supplement , Perfect Reborn

I use it for bad breath care. My hobby is eating while walking and I love eating. I want to brush my teeth after meals, but I feel like I can't do it when I'm out, so I was looking for something to replace it. After finding it on the Internet and using it for a trial, I stopped worrying about the smell. I am happy that it is easy and can be used without worrying about the public eye.

*Personal impression, not utility.

[Men in their 30s]

Deodorant Supplement, Perfect Reborn

I use it at work. It is very useful when there is a customer service after lunch. I used to take care of myself with other products, but I like supplements because they are easier to take. You are doing a good job.

*Personal impressions, not utility.


 Women in their 30s ]< /span>

 Deodorant Supplement, Perfect Reborn

After giving birth, I became sensitive to other people's odors and other food odors, so I bought this as one of the products I was interested in. I tried. As for the feeling of using it, Perfect Reborn is the real deal! If you are a woman, you will feel that the smell of menstruation once a month is reduced. I drink it every day in the summer, so the stress of the smell has decreased. I am very satisfied.

*Personal impression, not utility.


Try Perfect Reborn

If you have a problem with odor, please try it first. If you don't worry, your daily life will be richer. It can be used not only for business but also for private use.

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