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One of the important appearances of businessmen, "bad breath care". Have you ever been worried about your own odor and put your hand over your mouth before a meeting or business meeting to check if you have bad breath? However, taking care only when interacting with people does not solve the fundamental problem of bad breath. Change your breath and increase your favorability.

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Business negotiations are not bound by time. In particular, when serving customers in a private room, it is an environment that tends to make the other person feel uncomfortable as the smell fills the room. In addition, the strength of the odor increases with the passage of time. Gut Environment Gut Environment Gut Environment Gut internal environment intestinal environment intestinal environment

In addition to bad breath, body odor is said to come from within the body, and it is necessary to prepare the intestinal environment. It is also important to take moderate exercise, eat and drink enough water, promote digestion and absorption, and protect the body from pathogenic bacteria. Constipation, gas accumulation, rough skin, pimples, bad breath, body odor, worsening of farts, adverse effects on the autonomic nerves, etc., so be careful.

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I hope that everyone will use Perfect Reborn and aim for "zero bad breath" by providing total care starting from the intestinal environment, and gaining confidence in everyone. I would appreciate it if you could be an indispensable existence for those who use it.


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If you have a problem with odor, please try it first. If you don't worry, your daily life will be richer. It can be used not only for business but also for private use.

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